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Episode 5: How to Save Money When Selling Your Home In Florida - These Ocala Sellers Saved $5,730!!!

How to save money when selling your house in Florida comes down to TWO things... When Tom and Marie were searching how to sell their home in Ocala, FL, they realized they only needed two things to sell their house - the KNOWLEDGE of how to do it and the COURAGE to see it through!

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On this episode of the "Your House, Your Equity!" Podcast: Home Seller's Edition, we interviewed Tom and Marie, a couple who recently sold their house in Ocala, Florida and saved $5,730.

Tom and Marie originally listed their house For Sale By Owner to avoid paying the 6% real estate agent commission. However, once their house was listed, they were worn down by many real estate agents calling and asking to take over their listing.

Tom and Marie switched sides and listed their property with an agent, but not before they negotiated the commission down to 4%, which saved them over $5,000.

In this interview, Tom and Marie explain that it actually became more difficult for them when working with a listing agent. Even though more people wanted to see the house, many of them were not qualified to buy it which resulted in a huge waste of time.

However, thanks to what they learned in the "Your House, Your Equity!" Course, Tom and Marie were able to take back some of the control they lost.

They told their listing agent to screen the buyers and require proof that they were prequalified before scheduling a showing. This saved Tom and Marie from the inconvenience of preparing their home for showing after showing and also gave them the confidence that each showing was now much more likely to result in a sale.

After a rough ride, Tom and Marie finally sold their house, but they made it clear they would recommend doing one thing differently...

When asked for advice they would give a family member or friend who is thinking about selling their house, Tom and Marie both agree they would advise them not to use a real estate agent so you can save even more money and a lot of frustration. But even if you feel more comfortable using an agent, you can always negotiate their commission down to 4%.

Despite the setbacks in their journey, Tom and Marie are happy that they were still able to save $5,730 thanks to everything they learned in the "Your House, Your Equity!" Course, including how to negotiate a lower commission with a listing agent.

In the "Your House, Your Equity!" Course, there is something for everyone whether you want to sell your house with or without a real estate agent. Not only that, but there is also a fantastic online community where you can receive unlimited lifetime support any time you sell a house for the rest of your life!

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